For a single child to attend camp, a myriad of resources need to come together: life vests, wetsuits, surfboards, beach permits, and insurance. All this adds up to a cost of $100+ per child, but here's the thing: we don't charge for our camps.

True, what we offer seems simple: a day at the beach, and (hopefully!) a few good waves. But it's so much more than that.

We give parents a day in which their children are championed, cheered, and celebrated.

We give children a chance to know their own capability, to experience the joy of riding the waves.

We give families a chance to put aside the stress of daily life and enjoy these unique moments together.  The moment he stands up on the board for the first time. The moment she reaches the shore and throws up her arms in victory. The moments we never knew we needed until they filled us up. 

According to a CDC study released in March 2014, autism now occurs in 1 in 68 US children. As autism rates rise, the demand for Surfers Healing camps increases. You make it possible for us to open new camps, invite new families, and explore new horizons. Your contributions can help us sponsor families who are unable to afford the trip to attend camp.

When Surfers Healing began, none of us knew that it would become what it is today. None of us expected the outpouring of support: excellent volunteer instructors, powerhouse corporate sponsorships, and generous individual gifts. What began as one family's respite has become much more.

All we ask is that you keep blowing us away.


Surfers Healing Virginia Beach operates under Guardian Angels fund (EIN: 42-1606959 – Guardian Angels, Inc.) , a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Gifts like yours allow us to keep our camps free for families, provide qualified volunteers, and help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for your generous support!